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West side of the Bullfrog District


By Denis & Sandi Inman

We left the Candy Store in Beatty at 7:00 AM and drove to the Goldwell Open Air Museum to air down. From there we traveled West to Cave Rock Spring for a quick break. Continuing on, our efficient group of explorers consisting of Jeremy riding with me, Jim and Vic persevered to get a few miles of trail behind us before sundown. After another short stop at McDonald Spring, we found a dead end trail to cross off our list of places to investigate in the future.

IMG 8170
IMG 8129
IMG 8188
IMG 8203
IMG 8121
IMG 8136
IMG 8150
IMG 8124
IMG 8175
IMG 8114
IMG 8137
IMG 8160
IMG 8193
IMG 8174
IMG 8173
IMG 8172
IMG 8142
IMG 8200
IMG 8212
IMG 8145
IMG 8163
IMG 8206
Southerland Mountain
IMG 8118
Brier Spring & Phinney
IMG 8210
IMG 8216
IMG 8187
IMG 8110
IMG 8171
IMG 8181
IMG 8186
IMG 8125
IMG 8117
IMG 8192
IMG 8177
IMG 8221
IMG 8140
IMG 8169

Once the Jeeps got turned around, we were soon headed North along the old Bullfrog Beatty Railroad grade for Currie Spring. Just past the spring, we angled to the Northwest to catch the trail West into Brier Spring Canyon. The aerial entertainment was courtesy of our US Military, probably some fighter jets out of China Lake NAS. We had lunch at Brier Spring, the former site of Strozzi Ranch. Our next destination was Phinney Canyon and we were stifled again at about 6500′ in elevation by snow on the road, just as we were last year. We will get to the end of the trail some day.

Our economical trio of Jeeps took a slightly different route back to Beatty and came across some new trails to scrutinize on a later run. Burros in Beatty? As you might expect, we ran across a couple of herds of donkeys on the way to Rhyolite where the group aired back up and head for home. We arrived back in Pahrump at about 3:30 after a long day of scrutinizing an historic portion of our local desert.