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Wallace & Carpenter Canyons


By Denis & Sandi Inman

Since several others were invited, we waited until 0700 to leave Maverick’s and hit the trail. Jeremy, Brian, and I drove East on Winery until we reached Parson’s Road that we drove North to the Wheeler Wash and took the riverbed Northeast to the quarry road. Continuing on the road from the Wulfenstein gravel pit to Wheeler Pass Road, we only followed Wheeler for about 1000′ before dropping down into Wheeler Wash again on the Wheeler Wallace Connector Road.

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Wallace & Carpenter Canyons
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Wallace & Carpenter Canyons
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From the intersection of the connector road and Wallace Canyon Road, we noticed that the mountains to the East were more clear than they were from below, but Pahrump was now almost completely hidden in the smoke. We utilized Johnswort Road and Loop Boundary Road to get from Wallace to Carpenter. There were no traffic issues in Wallace Canyon, but we ran into a single car traffic jam exiting Carpenter Canyon. It didn’t significantly throw us off our schedule, and we were able to make up the time shortly.

Taking Ponderosa Lane down from Carpenter, we turned South on the fenceline road that eventually brought us to Trout Canyon Road. Since we decided not to air up so that we would be prepared for the next run, following the powerline road Northward got us to Manse where we could cross the highway. I think I can say we all had a good time and are looking forward to our next trail ride.