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Tonopah Peavine Canyon


By Denis & Sandi Inman

Our Tuesday group of adventurers was down a couple of Jeeps from the previous days run. Rick & Mary had already indicated they could only do the Monday trail as they had a previous engagement on Tuesday. Jeremy had already helped me with pre-running all 3 groups of trails and did the Hot Creek run twice. I really appreciate all he did to assist with putting on the Tonopah Club Run. 

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IMG 3534
Golden Mining Area
IMG 3580
IMG 3566
IMG 3536
Peavine Canyon
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IMG 3610
IMG 3516
IMG 3587
IMG 3631
IMG 3535
IMG 3586
IMG 3654
IMG 3613
IMG 3625
IMG 3548
IMG 3635
IMG 3609
IMG 3540
IMG 3561
IMG 3562
IMG 3558
IMG 3605
IMG 3532
Horse Creek Canyon
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IMG 3628
IMG 3522
IMG 3601
IMG 3554
IMG 3660
IMG 3552
IMG 3531
IMG 3652
IMG 3525
IMG 3568
IMG 3640
IMG 3596
IMG 3567
IMG 3591
IMG 3519
IMG 3530
IMG 3579
IMG 3521
IMG 3659
IMG 3624
IMG 3627
IMG 3626
IMG 3623

From the 7:00 AM Driver’s Meeting, 3 Jeep Wranglers and a Toyota FJ headed South on Main Street to the 6 East. When we reached the 376, we took it North to Peavine Canyon Road where we aired down for the trail. The members on today’s exploration were James & Helen, Terry & Earla as well as Don & Linda.

There was a rumor that the Forestry Service had installed a new outhouse at the campground, so we decided to check it out. From there, we continued up Peavine Canyon to the horse staging area where the quartet of rigs reversed direction. At Horse Creek Canyon, we hung a left and proceeded in a Northerly direction as far as we could go and still turn around. Exiting that canyon, our foursome of off-road vehicles took FS 451 through Dry Canyon to Cottonwood Creek. Continuing on the 451, we passed Barrel Spring on our way to Cloverdale Ranch where we stopped for lunch. The plan for the balance of the day was originally more ambitious, but we called an audible and instead inspected the Golden King Mine area before heading back to Tonopah. As the winds on Thursday are expected to be very high, the participants wanted to get their RVs home on Wednesday, so the final day of trail runs was canceled. It seemed to be the unanimous consensus that everyone had a good time and despite the fact it was shortened, the PV4W Tonopah Club Run was a success.