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Tonopah Club Run


By Denis & Sandi Inman

You may have heard of the famous Mizpah Hotel. Well, Sandi and I stayed at the motel right next to it.

Roughly a third of the group complained that a 7:00 AM start was too early, several that thought it was a good time and the balance couldn’t understand why we were starting so late. From the Driver’s Meeting, 5 Jeep Wrangler Unlimiteds (4 door) and a Toyota FJ headed South on Main Street to Highway 6 East. At Saulsbury Wash Rest area, we took our first break. There were bighorn sheep ewes and lambs gathered at Warm Springs, so we stopped again to look at them.

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Hot Creek2
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Hot Creek

Arriving at Central Nevada Test Site Base Camp, the 6 vehicle caravan headed Northwest towards Tybo and Hot Creek Ranch. Upon reaching the homestead, we aired down and began our trek through Hot Creek Canyon. The hardy explorers were Me & Sandi our gate opener, Terry & Earla, Don & Linda, James & Helen, Jeremy closing gates with Rick & Maryann serving as our tail gunners and alternate gate closers.

The sextet of vehicles dropped into East Stone Cabin Valley for a short time before the adventurers took on the trail to Eagle Pass. That somewhat challenging section of trail completed our transit over the Hot Creek Range into West Stone Cabin Valley. It was approaching lunch time so Sandi suggested we ascend McCann Canyon to find a spot to eat. It was an excellent idea.

When our appetites were sated, we reentered Stone Cabin Valley and proceeded South to a trail that took us over the Monitor Range through Fourmile Basin and Saulsbury Basin. Just past Antelope Spring, the half dozen off-road rigs reached Ralston Valley. From there, we continued West to Highway 82 that goes to Belmont. After airing up, the group drove South onto the 376 then taking the 6 West to Tonopah. It is my opinion that everyone regarded the trail run as both fun and scenic.