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The Narrows & Secret Pass Spring


Story & Photos by Denis & Sandi Inman

John put together a great string of trails for our Wednesday run. Since Dan & Debi had to get back to Pahrump, our assembly for the day consisted of 6 Jeep Wranglers with John & Mike leading, followed by Jim, Gary & Sherrie, Dave & Judy, Doug & Donna and myself as Sandi and Kerry went shopping. We met once again at the Maverik station for our 9:00 AM Driver’s Meeting. Just about a mile or so South on Bullhead Parkway, we turned East, aired down and then proceeded towards the Narrows.

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The Narrows
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The Narrows & Secret Pass2
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The Narrows & Secret Pass
Secret Pass Spring
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Part way back out of that canyon, we negotiated some steep ascents and descents before beginning to make serious progress towards Secret Pass Spring. Along the way, the group stopped for lunch at the Panty Tree. The ladies of the Pahrump Valley 4 Wheelers 2019 Laughlin run put on quite a show on the Stripper Pole. You should have been there.

In hindsight, we might have considered investigating the canyon towards Secret Pass Spring to see what the current trail conditions were, but I think John wanted to surprise us when we came down from Secret Pass and exited the river bed below the spring. The scenery along the trail adjacent to the Mount Nutt Wilderness was truly magnificent. Please don’t tell anyone else. We were almost to the Golden Valley area when the group turned West towards Secret Pass.

The trail was quite challenging and going down the several waterfalls was very technical. When we were only about a mile from the spot we were earlier in the day, when the riverbed we were trying to negotiate to get back to Laughlin became impassable. After some reconnaissance and serious brain storming, it was decided that the best way out was back up the trail to Secret Pass, including several waterfalls to Golden Valley where we could catch the highway back over the hill.

We arrived back in Laughlin at about 7:00 PM and I went straight to bed. I had a great time and looking forward to the trails we will experience today. I think the others are too.