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Sterling Mine District Club Run


Story & Photos by Denis & Sandi Inman

At the 7:55 Monday morning Drivers Meeting, we had 6 club members. Besides myself, Mike & Patti were there and Jeremy had Dave & Judy riding with him. We left from the Horizon Market on the 160 and Mesquite at 8:00 AM and headed North to Johnnie. After some reconnaissance in the area, we decided to take the powerline road on the shoulder of Mount Schader to the wash fed by Kwichup Spring and Diebert Spring.

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Stirling Mine Club Run
Stirling Mine Club Run
Stirling Mine Club Run

From there, we continued North on the powerline road to a trail that is becoming less frequently used by 4 wheel vehicles. Mike & Patti continued on to Highway 95 and returned home as Patti had twisted her ankle as a result of slipping on some loose rocks near Johnnie Mine. We hope it is nothing too serious.

The trail that crosses the Spring Mountains near the Northern end, South of the Specter Range, goes mostly East. After some deliberation as to which side of the Jeep would work best in the well worn single track dirt bike trail, we made it to the Stirling Mine District. Once there, we investigated numerous dead end trails, returning to the the valley to begin each new exploration. Among the trails we experienced were Jaybird Spring, Rock Spring Loop, Stirling Mine Spur Road, Derby Road, Clipper Road, Scabra Road, Lady of the Snow Loop Trail, Gold Spring Road and Zoomania Road.

We ate lunch at a nice spot up a canyon near Rock Spring and then scrutinized a few more trails before eventually making our way home. As we approached the 95 to the North, it was decided that we were not ready to end our trail ride and followed the powerline road back to Pahrump. With the exception of Patti, (get well soon) I think we all had a good time and will be back probing more hills and canyons in the near future.