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Spring Mountains & Spanish Trail


By Denis & Sandi Inman

Jeremy put together a trail run and invited a few of his friends to come along. I was fortunate enough to be asked as well. Other invitees included Jim, Brian, John & Mike, Vic along with Mike & Patti. Our leader generously allowed me to run ahead of the main group at my own pace to set up for photos as the band of adventurers came up the trail.

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Spring Mountain-Spanish Trail
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Spring Mountain-Spanish Trail
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Spring Mountain-Spanish Trail
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Spring Mountain-Spanish Trail
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The explorers left the Mobil station at the 160 and Winery at 7:00 AM and took a dry wash to Wheeler Pass road and then to Wallace Canyon Road. Below Carpenter Canyon, the expedition headed South on the fence-line trail to Trout Canyon. After traversing Lovell Summit, the explorers stopped for lunch just outside the gates to Torino Ranch.

From there, we headed out of the canyon to the 160 to reach Sandy Valley Road where we caught Old Spanish Trail to Cathedral Canyon and Hidden Hills Ranch. The wayfarers returned home on a trail called Highway 16 which used to be the route from Pahrump to Hidden Hills Ranch. We were on off the road for about 8 hours and covered approximately 95 miles of trails. Jeremy did a great job organizing the outing and everyone was grateful for the opportunity to spend the day exploring our neighborhood.