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Schnebly Hill, Mormon Lake & Stoneman Lake Roads


By Denis & Sandi Inman

There were no changes to the attendees who met at Speedway mini mart in Sedona on Tuesday. It was decided that we would air down in the parking lot since we were only traveling a few city blocks to the trail head. Schnebly Hill Road is rocky and the drivers really need to pick good lines and keep a good rhythm to prevent severe oscillation that could bring the passengers head in contact with the side window or B pillar.

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Schnebly Hill, Mormon Lake Rd, Stoneman Lake Rd
Schnebly Hill, Mormon Lake Rd, Stoneman Lake Rd
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There are several great photo opportunities along the ascent, but Schnebly Hill Vista is one of the best. From the viewpoint, we continued up and over the summit and arrived at highway 17. Driving North a couple miles, we took a quick break in the town of Munds Park before utilizing Mormon Lake trail to reach its namesake settlement. Once again it was necessary to take a paved road for a few miles, this time Lake Mary Road, to Stoneman Lake dirt Road.

After a stop at Stoneman Lake for photos, we continued on to highway 17 where we aired back up. Most of the group closed the loop by traveling back to Sedona to visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross and the Sedona Fire District 9/11 Memorial located at Fire Station 6. The trails today weren’t as long as yesterdays selection, but they were equally scenic with awe inspiring vistas.