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Ruby Mountain Rebels at Elko parade


By Denis & Sandi Inman

The original plan was to travel to Elko on Sunday and begin pre-running trails for the Pahrump Valley 4 Wheelers club run on Monday. At the last minute, I received an invitation from the Ruby Mountain Rebels 4×4 club to participate with them in the Elko National Basque Festival Parade. It was an easy 7 hour drive and I arrived at 9:15 AM just as the various parade entries were finding their places in the very well organized staging area. The good news is that throwing candy at the spectators is permitted in Elko. The bad news is I didn’t bring any candy to use for assaulting the onlookers.

IMG 4096
IMG 4132
IMG 4085
IMG 4124
IMG 4099
IMG 4109
IMG 4093
IMG 4089
IMG 4110

It appeared that everyone had a good time and even before checking my undercarriage, I was pretty confident that I had not run over any children dashing into the street to recover under-thrown confectionery.