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PV4W Moab Run Fins & Things


By Denis & Sandi Inman

We had an excellent turnout at the 9:00 AM Mountain time Old Spanish Trail Arena gathering point for our Monday run. By my count we started with 12 Jeep Wranglers of various models. From the arena, we caravanned to the Sand Flats Recreation Area to air down. The trail that our leaders Paul & Gary had selected for the day was the World renowned Fins & Things.

Moab Fins & Things
DSC 0112
Moab Fins & Things
IMG 2318
IMG 2327
IMG 2311
IMG 2332
IMG 2331

When we reached the Hawk Campground, we paused our trek. At that point, one of our members announced that they had a broken leaf spring and would have to limp back to town for repairs. Not long after our respite, we had completed the Southern portion of the trail and proceeded on Sand Flats Road to the continuation or Northern section.

Lunch was at a wide spot on the trail at about the 5 mile marker. The scenery was awesome and the trail is very stimulating. Our vehicles were tested to their limits by the climbs and descents presented to us. I’m certain that all participants are looking forward to the trail our leaders have chosen for the PV4W Tuesday run.