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PV4W Moab Chicken Corners Run


By Denis & Sandi Inman

Our 9:00 AM Driver’s Meeting was once again at the Shell station on Old Spanish Trail. 7 member vehicles headed up Highway 191 to Kane Creek Blvd West. Just past Hunter’s Canyon, Kane Creek becomes Chicken Corners Safari Route. Our trail took us over Hurrah Pass that is marked with a sign. We had lunch at a beautiful point on the Colorado River where we could see Potash Road directly across. We were only about a mile from Thelma & Louise Point and maybe a mile and a half from Dead Horse Point State Park.

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Chicken Corners
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When we arrived at Chicken Corners, there was some sort of tent pitched at the end of the trail. Several of our group hiked around the corner to see what was there, but I didn’t so there are no pictures of whatever they found. It took just over 3 hours to reach the end of the route and somewhat less than that to get back to town.

Paul & Gary will be leading some more trails on Friday, but Sandi and I will be heading home in the morning. We all had a good time and it appears the PV4W Moab Run will become an annual event.