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PV4W Fall Fling 2019


Denis & Sandi Inman

I should have been more explicit in the announcement that we would be leaving the Smith’s parking lot on Saturday morning at 8:00 AM. Unfortunately, not everyone understood that meant 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time and several folks decided to air down as some others were beginning the trail run. Oh well, we all eventually made it up Wheeler Pass Road to the Wheeler Wallace Cut-Off where the plan was to reassemble and air down. The group started out as about 18 rigs but we had several vehicles turn back with minor issues along the way.

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Fall Fling
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Fall Fling

There was quite a turnout at Carpenter Canyon for the barbecue and the group of us participating in the longer trail run made it to lunch on time this year. Mike, John and all their assistants laid out a very appetizing feast. Sandi and I headed back down the hill early in order to address a broken shock mount before leaving for Mesquite NV on Sunday and to catch the end of the NASCAR Xfinity Championship race.