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PV4W Ely Run – Day 1


By Denis & Sandi Inman

There was a good mixture of vehicles at the 9:00 AM Monday driver’s meeting. We had 4 Jeep Wranglers carrying Sandi & I, Gary & Nancy, Ed & Janet and Clark. Mike & Patti have a Jeep Gladiator, Paul & Doris were in their Jeep Grand Cherokee and expertly leading the group today were James & Helen in their Toyota 4Runner. Many thanks to them. Sandi was our guest photographer and I think she did a wonderful job giving us a different perspective.

20200615 104432
Log Canyon  Egan Canyon
20200615 123136
20200615 121855
20200615 102206
20200615 120800
20200615 104400
20200615 120650
20200615 121246
20200615 120923
20200615 120928
20200615 120734
20200615 103233
20200615 110430
20200615 100344
Log Canyon  Egan Canyon
20200615 104521
20200615 104552
20200615 101532
20200615 122905
20200615 101420

From the Love’s Travel Center in Ely, we headed up the 93 through McGill and continued to Monte Neva Road where we aired down. After that, we continued West through beautiful Log Canyon and crossed the range down to Egan Canyon Road. The group of explorers stopped to investigate the cemetery near the old Egan town site before backtracking a short distance to have lunch in the bottom of a rock quarry.

When our lunch was completed, we drove East out Egan Canyon and aired back up at the village of Cherry Creek. It was a great run and I think I can speak for the others when I say, we’re looking forward to tomorrow’s trail ride.