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PV4W club run to Colosseum Mine


By Denis & Sandi Inman

Immediately after leaving the Lakeside Casino parking lot, Mike, Patti and I proceeded South on Homestead, across the dry lake and caught Tecopa Road to Mesquite Valley Road. On the way to Excelsior Mine Road, we took a side trip up to some unknown mines (possibly lead prospects) at just over 5250′. We connected with Excelsior Mine Road a little ways below Tecopa Pass, traversed the pass, then drove generally Southeast until we reached the trail about 2 miles beyond Powerline Road.

IMG 7817
IMG 7876
IMG 7892
IMG 7933
IMG 7895
IMG 7840
Unknown Mines
IMG 7901
IMG 7932
IMG 7899
IMG 7944
IMG 7859
IMG 7830
IMG 7868
IMG 7844
IMG 7900
Unknown Mine
IMG 7907
IMG 7929
IMG 7915
IMG 7875
IMG 7950
IMG 7815
IMG 7922
IMG 7865
IMG 7898
Colosseum Mine
IMG 7885
IMG 7871
IMG 7887
IMG 7884
IMG 7888
IMG 7843
IMG 7827
IMG 7947
IMG 7816
IMG 7863
IMG 7920
IMG 7832
Colosseum Mine
IMG 7870
IMG 7897
IMG 7867

Continuing in an Easterly direction, our group stopped to investigate a structure of some sort before reaching Colosseum Mine. After lunch, we made more progress to the East so we could circumnavigate the hideous solar project that disfigures the landscape adjacent to the 15 freeway South of Primm. Once we made our way along the edge of Ivanpah Dry Lake and came to the casinos, our little caravan began our return trip Northwest through State Line Pass into Sandy Valley.

Our route took a jog through the sand dunes and across a dry lake bed to avoid the traffic in downtown Sandy Valley. Subsequent to our detour, we did our best to follow the State line all the way back to Pahrump. The course was just over 145 miles and we were on the trail run for about 8 and a half hours. It was a great way to spend a chilly Saturday, everyone had a good time and we didn’t break anything.