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PV4W Arizona Trail Runs Day 1


By Denis & Sandi Inman

Once it was determined everyone was present at the gathering site in Cottonwood, 3 Jeep Wranglers and a Gladiator headed up the hill to Jerome. A short distance past Gold King Mine, we found a spot along Jerome-Perkinsville Road to air down. Our leaders were Ed & Janet, followed by myself and Clark. Mike & Patti drove their pickup in the Tail Gunner spot.

20200518 091238
20200518 130937
20200518 101755
20200518 132212
20200518 094006
20200518 142915
20200518 082628
20200518 091228
Cottonwood Perkinsville Sycamore Point
20200518 085414
20200518 090908
20200518 130853
Cottonwood Perkinsville Sycamore Point
20200518 114652
20200518 091307

Our little caravan stopped for a panoramic video overlooking Jerome and Cottonwood, let us know what you think. There are several videos mixed in with the still photos in the attachment.

It wasn’t long before we reached the bridge over the Verde River near Perkinsville. Immediately after crossing the span, we paused to enjoy the shade of the trees and the sounds of the water.

After stopping for lunch in a large meadow called Pine Flat, West of JD Dam Lake, our foursome drove to the gorgeous Sycamore Point Overlook. It was awesome! Backtracking for a couple of miles from the viewpoint, we took a series of National Forest roads that eventually led us to the Ka Hill area and paved roads, so we aired back up.

It was a very scenic bundle of trails that took up the entire day. Tomorrow, we will be starting a little earlier from Sedona.