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Nopah Range


By Denis & Sandi Inman

Due to a conglomeration of technical and logistical complexities (writing the wrong starting time on my calendar) I missed last Wednesdays scheduled trail run. On Monday however, I only had to complete our weekly trip to the market, that doesn’t open until 6:00 AM, get our purchases home, switch from the grocery getter Patriot to the Wrangler and make it to Terrible’s Lakeside before 7:00. Mission accomplished. Is it possible that I only have a mild case of Alzheimer’s?

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Nopah Range
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Nopah Range
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Nopah Range
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Brian, Vic, and Jeremy were already there, but still needed to air down, so at least I wasn’t the only hold up. Every task outside the vehicle seems to take longer when it’s freezing. You just want to get back inside your nice warm Jeep and start moving. Driving South on Homestead brought us to Mesquite Valley Road that we used to cross the dry lake. Continuing South, we reached the Old Tecopa Cemetery and just beyond that, the trail to the Donna Loy Talc Mine.

Our next stop was at the War Eagle mine. Moving on, we also visited the Columbia, Noonday, and Gunsight mines, among others. Our group of explorers found lots of challenging trails on our quest to investigate the South end of the Nopah Range and we will be back in this region soon to reconnoiter some of the peripheral trails that we were unable to scrutinize on this trip. It was a satisfying day with lots of fascinating experiences and everyone said they had a good time.