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Nice Wednesday morning drive


By Denis & Sandi Inman

My friends Mike & Patti texted me (yes, I can text) that they were interested in going on a trail ride. I hadn’t been on a run for over a week, so I was up for one too. We met at the Maverick at 0600 and proceeded up the Wheeler Wash to near the junction of the gravel pit road and Wheeler Pass Road. After just barely climbing out of the wash, we dropped back in to take Wheeler-Wallace Connector Road up towards Wallace Canyon.

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20200610 074520
20200610 084702
20200610 074151
20200610 063413
Plateau & Wheeler Pass
Plateau & Wheeler Pass
20200610 081831
20200610 070945
20200610 074156
20200610 063220
20200610 092237
20200610 074942
20200610 092052
20200610 070909

When we reached Wallace Canyon Road, we turned back in the direction of Wheeler Wash to get to Clark Canyon Road. We followed that until we came to Avens Road and turned left. Turning right at Buck Spring Road got us headed towards the Plateau at over 8000′. Once we had finished taking in the view, we reversed course and headed back down the hill. We passed Avens Road and continued to Wheeler Pass Road to Willow Peak Road which we followed up to the 7700′ pass.

While we were at Wheeler Pass, we watched the USAF Thunderbirds practicing their aerobatic maneuvers over Creech AFB. When we had finished our break, our little duo of Jeeps reversed course and descended to Wheeler Pass Road that took us to Wheeler Well. There were no horses, burros or elk (that we could see) at the trough, but the pipeline from the spring was keeping the water tank full.

It was beginning to get warm in Pahrump Valley so we returned home, arriving at about 11:00 AM. It was a nice morning drive through the Spring Mountains.