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Mojave Road


Story & Photos by Denis & Sandi Inman

Our original plan, was to run the Western section of the Mojave Road from Afton Canyon, across Soda Dry lake to Traveler’s Monument and exit at Kelbaker Road on Saturday, February 2nd, but it was canceled due to the chance there was a possibility that it might rain. On Monday, February 11th, at 7:00 AM, we met in Smith’s parking lot for a chilly Driver’s Meeting and began our journey to run the Easternmost section of the Mojave Road from Cima Road to Laughlin.

CA to Big Bend
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Old Government Road
Mojave Road
Mojave Road
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Cedar Canyon
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Fort Piute
Pigeon Pass

Driving South on the 160, we peeled off onto Homestead Road and started across the dry lake just past the brothels. Turning West on Tecopa Road, 5 Jeep Wranglers stopped at Mesquite Road to air down. In the lead were John & Mike, followed by Dan & Debi, Jim was by himself and Dave & Judy were behind him. In front of us were Doug & Donna and our Jeep had 3; Myself, Sandi and her sister Kerry. At Smith Talc Road, the group turned East and followed that until it became Excelsior Mine Road.

Excelsior Mine road crosses the Kingston Range just North of Kingston Peak and comes out at SDNHM Horse Springs Camp where there is an outhouse. We pressed on from there and it wasn’t long before we were on Kingston Road heading South to Cima Road that crosses the 15 Freeway at a Shell station with a little store that was well stocked and expensive items.

Driving South on Cima Road, we came to the town site of Cima and turned right on Kelso-Cima Road. When we reached Cedar Canyon Road (Mojave Road) the gaggle of Jeeps turned East and began our procession on our planned route. We took a side trip on Providence Ranch Road to Government Holes Well. Not much further down the road, we arrived at Rock Springs Loop Trailhead and looked around there.

We made another short stop at Lanfair Crossing, but were soon on the trail again. The view at an observation point near Piute Spring is awesome so we had to take that in. Not much later, we were driving down a rocky Old Government Road that passed just South of Fort Piute. Crossing the 95, the group kept moving towards the Colorado River. We were a little early to check into our rooms, so as we approached Laughlin, John found a really cool powerline road for us to take into town.

Gary & Sherrie met us at the Loading Dock Buffet inside the Colorado Belle for our first club dinner of the trip. Personally, I’m looking forward to our trail run on Tuesday and I believe the others are as well. More to come.