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Mineral Mountains Loop


By Denis & Sandi Inman

Starting at 0900 MDST from the Camperland RV park in Beaver Utah, Paul and I drove North into town on Main Street then West on Highway 21 to Adamsville. From there, we headed North on 300W to Pass Road. After investigating numerous trails that piqued our interest, we found a shady spot at a campground on Upper Ranch Canyon Road for our mid-day meal. On a side trip up Kirk Canyon, we came across a hill full of obsidian that had several mine pits on it.

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Mineral Mountains Loop
Mineral Mountains Loop
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The Map I was using for our loop around the Mineral Mountains didn’t have near as many trails on it as my Garmin GPS. Paul was using several road databases and a satellite view on his tablet as well. Consequently, we explored quite a few side trails on the more scenic West side of the Mineral Mountains, but as it was getting late, on our return trip down the East side of the range, we made fewer extracurricular excursions. After airing back up at Pass Road and the 21, we headed back to our respective accommodations for the evening, arriving at about 4:00.