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Mesquite Three State Trail Run


Denis & Sandi Inman

Eight Jeep Wranglers left the starting point in Mesquite Nevada at promptly 8:00 AM and proceeded North on the 15 Freeway where we shortly entered Arizona. The group exited the Interstate at Littlefield, drove through the town of Beaver Dam, continued North into Utah on Highway 91 and aired down at Mojave Desert Joshua Tree Road. Participants were Sandi & I, Brian, Mike & Patti, Sherrie, Rick & Mary, Dave, Sel & Pam and Ed was inhaling the most dust as our Tail Gunner. Once on the trail, the group turned North at Welcome Springs Road until we reached Lytle Ranch Road where our octet of Jeeps turned West.

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3 State Trail Run
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3 State Trail Run
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Continuing on, we eventually reached the Lytle Ranch Preserve and took a break. We drove Bull Valley Road across Bull Valley Creek and climbed out of Indian Canyon on a steep switchback. Re-entering Nevada, we took Snow Spring Road West then did a few miles of reconnaissance heading North on Lime Mountain Road (allegedly for a possible future trail run) then turned around and rejoined Lime Mountain Road West to continue with the originally planned trail run.

At Sam’s Camp road, we turned North and eventually stopped at a spring for lunch under a tree. After our mid day meal, we retraced our track to Lime Mountain Road, crossed Snow Spring Road and continued South on an unnamed trail. We drove that to Tule Spring Road where we we headed West to Rainbow Pass Road. The group took one last break at the pass before airing up on Carp Elgin Road adjacent to the 15 Freeway, 23 miles West of Mesquite. We arrived back in town at about 3:00 PM after approximately 95 miles of dirt trail.