Membership update – May 10, 2021

Current Issues:

  • Mild 2 Wild Event – Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we were forced to cancel the 2020 event. We, at this time are optimistic that this pandemic will be under control by the date that our Board of Directors has set: May 2022. Watch for announcements of the event and links to our website for online registration.
  • 5th N4WDA Silver State Poker Run – Just as happened with the Mild 2 Wild event, above, the 5th N4WDA Silver State Poker Run had to be cancelled. The Board of Directors has rescheduled the event to September 11, 2021. We will return to the Mark Twain Community Center in Dayton as the hub for the event. As above, watch for announcements. To find out more, visit this link
  • Washoe County Lands Bill – Washoe County has sent a bill, of which we have absolutely no information, to Senator Cortez-Masto’s office where the final wording of the bill will be developed but the bill was not introduced into the Senate in the June 2020 timeframe as originally envisioned. The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down the Senate for anything other than bills necessary to keep the country running. The results of the election will probably determine if and when this bill will be introduced into the new Congress.
  • Moon Rocks – The Carson City BLM Field Office is applying for a grant from the Nevada Commission on OHV (NCOHV) to clean up the area, install sanitary facilities, improve the OHV trails in the area and provide for enforcement in the Moon Rocks area. We feel that this will greatly improve the area and will stop the ongoing degradation due to lack of law enforcement. N4WDA has written and submitted a letter of support for this project to be included in the grant application package.
  • Hunter Lake Trail/Big Meadow – The Hills Angels Four Wheel Drive Club, with the help of the Silver State Off Road Alliance (SSORA), has also applied for a grant from the NCOHV to install barriers (natural materials) mitigate damage to the Big Meadows area that was caused by OHV, and to install signage intended to keep OHVs on the trail and out of this sensitive riparian area. N4WDA has written and submitted a letter of support for this project to be included in the grant application package. We are  happy to see one of our member clubs submit for a grant from NCOHV for improvements to their Adopt-A-Trail.
  • We hope that you will continue to get out of your home with your OHV as getting out into nature is not prohibited under the current COVID-19 guidelines as long as you keep safe.

We look forward to a great 2021 (it must be great since 2020 sucked so badly) and will see you at our events or on the trails!

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