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Logandale Trails


By Denis & Sandi Inman

Rick was able to get a couple days off during the week, so we scheduled an all-day trail run for Thursday. Rick & Mary’s son Ricky was in town for a visit, and he came along. Sandi and I were already in town, having made the trip to Moapa Valley on Wednesday. After our 8:00 AM meeting, we headed to the northernmost trail head and aired down. I had a labyrinth of a plan that would enable us to experience most of the main trails without back tracking, but I got lost at the most southeast corner of the trail system causing us to miss several of the segments.

IMG 9244
IMG 9247
IMG 9238
IMG 9226
IMG 9253
IMG 9254
IMG 9255
IMG 9229
IMG 9250
IMG 9242
IMG 9245
IMG 9220
IMG 9222
IMG 9219
IMG 9223
IMG 9235
IMG 9225
IMG 9256
Logandale Trails
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IMG 9249
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IMG 9232
IMG 9218
IMG 9260
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IMG 9233
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IMG 9227
IMG 9241

As it was, we didn’t arrive back at the trailhead until almost 1:30 PM. We aired back up and headed our separate directions. Rick & Ricky had to drive through Las Vegas to get back to Pahrump, but they will probably be home around 4:30 or 5:00. Sandi & I will find a scenic route home on Friday, even if it takes all day. Personally, I can hardly wait for the next run through the Logandale Trail system. It has rocks, gravel, sand, steep hill climbs and precipitous descents. It’s fun for all ages.