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Kingston Wash


Denis & Sandi Inman

Following a short 6:55 AM Driver’s Meeting, 5 Jeep Wranglers headed South on Homestead from Lakeside Casino. The participating club members were me, Derek, Jim, Gary & Sherry and Ed & Mary Lou. Just past the brothels, we crossed the dry lake on Mesquite Valley Road. Jumping onto Old Spanish Trail Highway, the procession followed the paved road Southwest for about 5 miles and then got back onto Mesquite Valley Road where we aired down.

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Kingston Wash
Kingston Wash
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After releasing the excess atmosphere that was trapped in our tires, we proceeded South to Smith Talc Road that becomes Excelsior Mine Road as you go further East. Once the intrepid explorers had investigated Crystal Spring, we crested 5100′ Tecopa Pass, adjacent to 7335′ Kingston Peak, just West of Horse Thief Springs. At Horse Thief Camp, the ladies scrutinized the latrine and found it to be to their satisfaction.

Excelsior Mine Road curved to the Southeast before we reached the Kingston Wash trailhead where the quintet of Jeeps began making progress to the Southwest down the narrow motorized vehicle access corridor through the Kingston Range Wilderness. The trail was much more visible this year than last year when we had to find our own way through the wash after a flood.

Our group took breaks at several spots, including Coyote Holes and Kingston Spring before lunch at Eastern Star Mine. When our mid day meal had been consumed, we packed up and proceeded West to Highway 127 where the gallant adventurers aired back up for the journey home. We arrived back in Pahrump at about 2:30 after a beautiful day in the great outdoors, enjoying nature.