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By Denis & Sandi Inman

We lost 2 vehicles from Monday and added 3 for a net gain of 1, so there were 7 Jeep Wranglers at the Tuesday RMR-PV4W 7:00 AM Driver’s Meeting. Marlene and Amber joined Randy in his rig, brand new RMR members Scott & Nicole found the Ruby Mountain Mountain Rebels on Facebook and were with us on their first run as members. RMR members Gene & Dog made it today as well as Vic & Janice from PV4W who passed on the Monday run were with us again. Those adventurers were followed by Sandi & I, Sel & Pam and Rick & Mary once again brought up the rear.

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Jarbidge Graph
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Taking I80 East, we got off the freeway at Exit 333 and proceeded to air down. From there, our group of explorers drove County Road 747 North paralleling Allen Creek and Pole Creek until we reached Pole Canyon Creek Summit. Continuing primarily North, we passed Conners Creek, Hanks Creek and Stag Creek making gradual elevation gains on our way to Charleston Reservoir where they have maintained Porta-Potties.

After a short break, the septet of Wranglers began acquiring altitude at an increased rate. We entered the Humboldt National Forest and the trees became more numerous. Taking a break at 8480′ Coon Creek Summit, we had another outstanding photo op. The tops of the mountains in that vicinity are over 9000′, Copper Mountain is listed at 9902′, Coon Creek Peak is 9528′ and Bear Creek Butte is a measly 9028′. From the summit, it was all downhill to the town of Jarbidge, about 10 miles South of the Idaho border.

Randy had called the owner of the Outdoor Inn to make sure they would be open for us. They were happy to accommodate our group. The service was excellent and the staff was extremely friendly. During our mid-day meal, Randy & Marlene of the Ruby Mountain Rebels received an award of appreciation from the Pahrump Valley 4 Wheelers. Afterwards, the owner of the restaurant asked us to line up in front of his establishment for photos.

Prior to leaving Jarbidge, we drove up towards Bluster Mine to inspect the campgrounds. The RMR plan to stay there when they make another trip to do trails in the area on an extended overnight trip. Our journey back home followed the reverse route until we came to Charleston Reservoir where we headed West on CR-746 to Highway 225 to air back up. Before heading home, we made one more stop at Wild Horse Reservoir to check out the water level. The lake appeared to be a little more than a foot below the maximum.

I can honestly say, I don’t think I have been on a dustier trail, but that was a small price to pay for the awesome scenery and the great meal at the apex of our journey to the town of Jarbidge. Once again, the Ruby Mountain Rebels outdid themselves. Thank you!