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Drying off my Jeep


By Denis & Sandi Inman

It had rained prior to our Hypothetical Trail Run, so theoretically our Jeeps would supposedly need to be washed afterward. Since the governor has determined that car washes are one of the few essential businesses in Nevada during a pandemic, on Friday morning I was able to take my rig to one and rinse off most of the mud. In order to dry it, I took a short drive.

20200417 105123
20200417 082141
Indian Pass
20200417 075543 001
20200417 105038
20200417 113908
Indian Pass
20200417 080529
20200417 105959
20200417 115918
20200417 102217
20200417 101806
20200417 113026
20200417 103657
20200417 092352
20200417 092028
20200417 075611 001
20200417 084952
20200417 080540 001
20200417 080918
20200417 092653
20200417 080427
20200417 115702
20200417 103754
20200417 092205
Indian Pass
20200417 080802
20200417 083020
20200417 081900

At 7:00 AM near the Area 51 Alien Center in Amargosa Junction, I ran into Rick. He is still working, but during this time of virus hysteria he primarily works from home, so his Jeep wasn’t getting much use. He said it needed the oil rotated and the tires circulated from sitting for so long. From Amargosa Junction, we continued North to Black Marble where we headed West towards Indian Pass.

The trail doesn’t actually go through the pass, but up to an awesome overlook where you can peer down at the pass, view a bit of Death Valley and gaze back towards the Amargosa Valley. On our return home, we stopped to look at an abandoned mine and took a side trip through Echo Canyon. Just prior to going down the Waterfall, I decided to try the video function on my phone.

Now before I get a bunch of email telling me “YOU’RE HOLDING THE PHONE THE WRONG WAY!”, the bracket on my windshield (partially visible in the clip) is set in the vertical orientation. I didn’t take the time to rotate it 90 degrees for this test, but will for future in car video.

After a quick stop at Inyo Mine, we determined that our goals for the days Jeep service had been met and took the direct route home, arriving back in Pahrump at about 1:30. By the way, the Super Bloom in Death Valley has already begun and it is breathtaking.