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Crystal Spring & Wood Canyon Hangover Run


By Denis & Sandi Inman

Andy and Ann had some family over and they wanted to go for a short, easy trail ride. I suggested Crystal Spring & Wood Canyon and they didn’t even have to coerce me to lead the way. Matt, AJ and Becca were staying with Andy and Ann, so we met there at 8:00 AM. After some coffee and chit-chat, we headed up Highway 160 towards Johnnie, turned East at Road 928500 (the road needs a better name), then took the Crystal Spring Road fork.

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After a quick tour of the cabin at the spring we retraced our route back to the fork, but this time we took the trail to Wood Canyon. Once we had checked out the geology there, driving Wood Canyon Wash downstream towards Pahrump got us to the powerline roads that eventually led us back to Andy and Ann’s place. We completed the loop at about 12:30 and I think everyone had a good time.