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Crystal Spring & Wood Canyon


By Denis & Sandi Inman

Three Jeep Wranglers transporting, me, Matt, and Gary & Sherrie left Smith’s parking lot promptly at 7:00 AM this morning and drove North on Highway 160 to Road 928500 where we found a spot to air down. Traveling Eastward a couple miles, we took the left fork and proceeded up the canyon to Crystal Spring. Our group took several short breaks on the way up and really stretched our legs when we reached the structures at the end of the trail.

IMG 2113
IMG 5248
IMG 2110
Crystal Spring
IMG 2171
Crystal Spring & Wood Canyon
IMG 2107
IMG 5238
Crystal Spring & Wood Canyon
IMG 5241
IMG 5246
IMG 2126
IMG 5295
IMG 5324
IMG 5314
IMG 2121
IMG 2106
IMG 2135
Wood Canyon
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IMG 5242
IMG 5231
IMG 5274
IMG 2112
IMG 5294
IMG 5262
Crystal Spring
IMG 2175
IMG 2153
IMG 2118
IMG 2117
Wood Canyon
IMG 5218
IMG 2114
IMG 5245
IMG 2134
IMG 2119
IMG 2111
IMG 5234
Crystal Spring & Wood Canyon
IMG 5240
IMG 5321
IMG 5332
Crystal Spring & Wood Canyon
IMG 2104
IMG 5239
IMG 5221

Retracing our path back down to the junction, we made an almost 180 degree turn and headed towards Wood Canyon. Just past the Rainbow Springs cut-off, we took the scenic route to just outside the canyon entrance where we rejoined the road more traveled. There was a little water at the spring, very little. When we descended the mountain, the trio of Jeeps took the Wood Canyon Wash to Roadrunner and headed home. There was not much wildlife to view, the animals must be more nocturnal this time of year.

We arrived back in Pahrump at close to 12:30, a little later than my estimate, but nobody seemed to be complaining about the length of time it took to do the trails.