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Cave Mountain & Camel Peak


By Denis & Sandi Inman

On our final day of rides, we were down to Sandi & me, Gary & Nancy, Paul & Doris and Clark as the others had gone on to their next Summer destination. For our first run of the day, we headed South on Highway 93/50 to highway 486, turned East and aired down at the turnout for the dam just inside Cave Lake State Park. We drove past the ranger station and continued on National Forest Road 574 along Cave Creek.

Unknown Peak
IMG 8240
20200618 092713
Cave Mountain  Camel Peak
20200618 123159
20200618 131200
Unknown Peak
20200618 143836
20200618 095057
20200618 092649
20200618 094730
20200618 135713
Cave Mountain  Camel Peak
20200618 141502
20200618 111717
20200618 095932
IMG 8236
20200618 114415
20200618 095103
20200618 135641
20200618 132717
20200618 095938
IMG 8239
20200618 111847
20200618 124124
20200618 131149
20200618 114351
20200618 103115
IMG 8237
Cave Mountain
20200618 092700
20200618 134226
20200618 123026
20200618 102438
Success Loop  Camel Peak
20200618 102835
20200618 133925
20200618 103130

Eventually, we reached the top of Cave Mountain at 10,735′. The view was magnificent. Looking Southeast, we could see 13,065′ Wheeler Peak, the second-highest summit in Nevada. On the way back down, the group took a side trail to see Abbey Cabin that appears to have been an old TV repeater station. Before we reentered the park on our descent, we found a wide spot near Cave Creek Spring with trees so we could choose between sitting in the sun or the shade.

After passing the ranger station again, our foursome of Jeeps turned North on Highway 486 also known as White Pine County Road 29 and drove up the switchbacks to Success Summit where we turned West on NF-423. We followed that to an unnamed trail to take a challenging climb to reach the summit of an unknown peak at 10,298′. It’s somewhat odd that the anonymous mountain we climbed is taller than nearby Camel Peak along the same ridge that is only 10,059′.

By now it was getting late, so instead of completing the popular Success Loop, we drove back down to Cave Lake and returned to our lodgings in Ely from there. It was a great week with lots of scenic trails and good friends to share them with. I personally can’t wait until next years PV4W Ely run. Thanks to everyone who participated, especially Paul & Doris who took over managing the event at the last minute and James & Helen who led the first couple days of awesome runs.