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Carpenter Canyon & Wheeler Well


By Denis & Sandi Inman

A total of 10 Pahrump Valley 4 Wheeler member rigs, 9 Jeep Wranglers of various models and a Gladiator Rubicon left Smiths parking lot at 7:00 AM on Saturday for a trip up to Carpenter Canyon and then on to Wheeler Well for lunch. The participants were me & Sandi, Matt, Jim, Brian, Dave & Judy, Andy, Sel & Pam, Liz & Poppy, Rick & Mary in the tail gunner slot and Dennis & Laura rode with Mike & Patti in the Gladiator (they said it was very comfortable). We aired down right after we got off the highway and onto Carpenter Canyon Road.

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IMG 5000
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IMG 5080
Carpenter Canyon Wheeler Well
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IMG 5024
Carpenter Canyon Wheeler Well
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IMG 5016
Carpenter Canyon
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IMG 4982

At the cattle guard, the group headed South along the fence line for a while before turning East and taking a slightly different route to the canyon. Carpenter Canyon had running water in the creek as well as in the road and the air temp was very pleasant. There were a few people camping in the wilderness area just beyond the turn-around. When we had about as much of the cool climate as we could stand, we started towards Wheeler Well. Once we got on Wheeler Pass Road, we experienced a bit of weekend traffic and there were a few vehicles at the well also. A thoughtful father even brought his two boys up to the wild animal watering trough to take a dip in the leftover drool. I hope he told them not to drink any of the slobber.