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Beatty Days Parade 2019


Denis & Sandi Inman

There was a rumor that 13 member vehicles were in attendance at the Beatty Days Parade. I believe a couple more showed up after that count, however, I could be wrong. The Pahrump Valley 4 Wheelers had an abundance of time to decorate our rigs before the parade got underway at 10:00 AM and we used a large portion of that time to catch up on the latest news and happenings for those participating in the event.

IMG 6590
IMG 6583
IMG 6585
IMG 6594
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IMG 6596

Drivers as well as passengers were allowed to throw candy at the spectators along the route and it seemed to be a more target rich environment this year than in previous parades. Sandi hit an old lady on an electric scooter in the chest and I got a little girl in the back of the leg, but I’m pretty sure that counts. On the way home, Sandi and I listened to the first half of the NASCAR truck race from Martinsville VA on the radio, and arrived back in Pahrump in time to watch the second half on TV.