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Amargosa Days 2019


Story & Photos by Denis & Sandi Inman, Pahrump Valley 4 Wheelers

With 6 vehicles, the Pahrump Valley 4 Wheelers contingent may have been the largest entry in the Amargosa Days Parade. The Fire Department was close, however one of their units dropped out after hitting the side of the station house door while exiting and destroying the track. It was one of the more exciting events. We can throw candy at this procession and it only takes a small bag to get from the start to the finish, even with two people tossing confectionery from both sides of the Jeep.

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Amargosa Days Parade

After the parade, the PV4W had VIP parking on the baseball diamond next to the Craft Fair. Sandi still had a couple of dollars left from her Friday yard sale budget, so she bought a purse and ring watch. Originally there were tentative plans for a short trail run after the events, but it didn’t seem that anyone was interested, so Sandi and I went to Longstreet for breakfast and the Gun Show. If you weren’t at the 2019 Amargosa Days, you missed a good time.