The Nevada Four Wheel Drive Association (N4WDA) was established in February, 2013.

Responding to the ever increasing threats to our recreational choice, the N4WDA is a non-profit organization consisting of volunteers dedicated to the principle of multiple use management of US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and other public lands.

The N4WDA is a group of OHV enthusiasts that monitors the activities of these public agencies to determine whether proposed land use issues are in the best interests of those who choose to participate in their recreation on OUR public lands.

Our members attend meetings, monitor websites and other media and discuss issues with agency personnel to understand the details of these issues and formulate a plan to support or oppose the agency actions.

Through close relationships among our members, OHV and other back-country user groups and coalitions, N4WDA will act, as necessary, to express the wishes of our membership when these issues arise.

We will encourage the creation of member clubs or action groups, realizing that there is always strength in numbers whether in support or opposition to land use issues.

N4WDA will seek grants from available sources. Publicity for our member activities will be provided to the media to make our organization very visible.

Since it is occasionally necessary to litigate these issues, N4WDA and/or its member clubs will hold fund-raising events from time to time to raise the necessary funds. These events might take the form of poker runs, fun days and ghost town tours.

A great time is always on hand when you get together with your 4-wheeling friends on these events. Through these events, lifelong friendships can be formed, and it is always great to have others who can go with us on our 4 wheel outings.

Although our focus is on 4 wheel drive recreation, membership is open to all individuals, families or groups that wish to support us in our land use advocacy.